Cargo transportation

   I think that you have repeatedly seen how owners of cars try to load their refrigerator, washing machine, cabinet, building materials and other things that are not intended for transportation in their cars. Usually, people are try to save money and carry out the transportation of oversized things on their own. At the same time, the seats are torn and dirty and the plastic parts of the interior are scratched. Poorly secured cargo can endanger the life and health of both the "carriers" themselves and other participants in the road traffic. In such situations it is better to rent a truck.

   Minimum cost of renting a small truck is from $20. For this money you get at your disposal a truck with a driver for two whole hours. At the same time the length of a truck will be 4 meters and the load capacity will be 1.5 tons. There can also be 2 people near the driver.

   Your Driver Company offers its clients a full range of services for the transportation of goods of any weight and size. We have been engaged in freight transportation since 2002. We have trucks with a carrying capacity of 1 to 20 tons and a volume of 8 to 86 cubic meters. We can also provide track relocation servicein Kyiv or in Ukraine transportation of any oversized cargo.

   For successful cargo transportation Your Driver Companypropose you to rent truck in Kiev or in Ukraineat such prices:

1.5 tons 10-20 m3- 20 $ for two hours of work

5 tons of 36 m3- 40 $ for three hours of work

10 tons of 48 m3- $ 80 for four hours of work

20 tons 86 m3- $ 100 for four hours of work      

Order your cargo transportation in Kiev and in Ukraine!

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