Transportation of safes and of other heavy items

The safe is a necessary accessory for any office. It is necessary to store important documents or other valuable things that need protection. Safes can be divided into types: burglar-proof safes, fire-proof safes, bank safes, weapon safes. It is usually a safe that it is the most difficult to transport during the move. Usually they are small in size, but very heavy. Therefore, a transportation of a safe can be entrusted to people who have special equipment and preliminary training. Thanks to Your Driver Company, whose employees use the most advanced equipment, so that transportation of safes in Kiev and Kiev region is carried out quickly and efficiently. In order to transport a safe withoutinjuring backs of your employees, you should consider a number of important nuances and provide for various unforeseen situations.

Main difficulties of transportation

While transportation of a safe you will encounter such difficulties:

• Large weight of the safe. Safes, according to their dimensions, have different weights, and sometimes it can reach up to 2 tons. But most safes we transported weighed from 70 kg to 500 kg.

• A transportation of a safeis often hampered by narrow doorways, stairs with narrow spans, floor covering, which should not be damaged during transport.

Key stages of transportation

To order a safe transportation service, you should first familiarize yourself with the obligatory steps of this procedure:

1. Preparatory work. First of all, you need to know the weight of the, which should be transported and its overall dimensions. Usually the weight is indicated on the plate, which is attached to the back of the safe or to the inside surface of the safe door. Inspect the room in which it is located. Understand whether it passes into the doorways. Are there any stairs or other obstacles in the way? If necessary, the doorways should be expanded and floor covering protected.

2. Dismantlement of the safe (if necessary). It is required forsafes, which are fixed in furniture, floor or wall. For these purposes, it is necessary to use a special tool, which should be prepared in advance.  

3. Transfer of the safe directly to the vehicle. During the execution of this stage, it must be remembered that the transportation of the safe should not damage the surface of the walls and floor.

4. Loading and secure fixation inside the vehicle. Such measures will not allow the safe to fall out or its spontaneous displacement during transportation.

5. Delivery by special truck to the place of unloading.

6. Unloading and installation indoors. This stage can also include the process of mounting and fixing.

Obviously, the cost of the safe transportation service will depend on the weight of the safe, the dismantling and subsequent installation, the removal and subsequently placing it in the room, the distance of transportation by a lorry.
It is quite difficult to perform this task without assistance. It will be trouble-free to apply to the Your Driver Company, which has a lot of experience in the field of cargo transportation, and also has special tools and equipment.

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