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19 November 2020
Prices for airport transfers and hourly car rental with driver
In this table, you can see the prices for transfers on all major routes: both in Kyiv and in major cities of Ukraine. The distances indicated in the...
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3 June 2020
Business class car rental with driver: Toyota Camry or Toyota Avalon
Rent Toyota Camry and Toyota Avalon with driver in Kyiv Japanese auto industry has produced the most popular business-class car - Toyota Camry. It is...
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2 August 2019
Movement by car in Russia: notes of the driver on the route Kyiv-Moscow-St. Petersburg
Your Driver Company provides service - car rental with a driver in Kyiv, throughout Ukraine, as well as in the near abroad. We book business or...
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23 July 2019
Rent a car with a driver or rent car without a driver in Kyiv and Ukraine: advantages and limitations
Of course, renting a car with a driver or renting a car without a driver, both in Kyiv and Ukraine has its advantages and disadvantages. If you...
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1 April 2019
Car rental for celebrities in Kyiv
From 21 to 24 of March, 2019, the famous Italian singer and composer, world-famous pop star Toto Cutugno came to Kiev. Thousands of fans of the great...
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26 March 2019
Is it worth changing currency at Boryspil Airport (KBP) and at Kyiv Airport (IEV)?
We don’t recommend it. Typically, the exchange rate at the airport is much lower than in exchange points of any district of Kyiv. Sometimes the...
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7 December 2018
English speaking driver and tour guide in Kyiv
The service of the driver and tour guide in one person is widely used in countries with a highly developed tourist sector. When foreign visitors come...
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23 November 2018
Black Friday on a black Mercedes S-class
In the midst of Black Friday Your Driver Сompany offers to rent a Mercedes S-class with a driver at the lowest price - just for 1000 UAH for one hour...
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