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Business class car rental with driver: Toyota Camry or Toyota Avalon

Business class car rental with driver: Toyota Camry or Toyota Avalon

Rent Toyota Camry and Toyota Avalon with driver in Kyiv

Japanese auto industry has produced the most popular business-class car - Toyota Camry. It is Toyota Camry that can be seen most often among the business districts of Kiyv, at fashionable hotels, and even in the parking lot at the Boryspil airport. Strict business design, spacious interior, and dynamic characteristics allowed Camry to take a leading position in the segment of business cars.

Another Toyota car can often be seen on the market for business car rental services with a driver - Toyota Avalon, which is the flagship sedan of Toyota Motor Corporation in the United States, Canada, and the Middle East.

These models, known around the world for their impeccable Japanese quality and Toyota reliability, are also in high demand among the customers of Your Driver Company when ordering a car rental service with a driver.

 Camry and Avalon have a certain visual similarity in design and technical specifications, but there are also tangible differences.

Toyota Avalon is the largest sedan from Toyota in our and global markets. It definitely can be a good alternative to those who like Toyota Camry. Avalon is produced in the USA. As you know, the auto industry in America primarily pays great attention to safety as well as comfort. Toyota Camry is produced in Japan, Europe, Russia, and also the USA. There are no significant differences between different Camry manufacturers around the world. There are differences in interior and exterior design. Basically, these differences are visible on the exterior between European and American manufacturers of Toyota Camry. They were created by Japanese designers to maximize the satisfaction of the aesthetic preferences of customers of a particular continent, which ensures the great popularity of this model.

Since Toyota Avalon is produced only in the USA, a car is not so often seen on the roads of our country. But despite this, it is in high demand when ordering a business-class car rental with a driver.

Avalon also quite successfully competes with the more luxurious car -- Lexus ES. The similarities of the models are obvious: overall dimensions of the body, platform, engine displacement, and transmission.

We note with confidence the main advantages of Toyota Avalon:

1) Design. Avalon’s dynamic exterior design is determined by its sleek and expressively aggressive profile, which makes it possible to admire the car even when it's just parked. We note the main elements of the Avalon exterior design: two-lens optics Projector Ellipsoid System, headlights with High-Intensity Discharge, as a result of which the visibility at night is excellent, helping the driver to concentrate on dangerous sections of the road. High-performance LED lights have effectively blended into the back of the Avalon, emphasizing a rigorous style combined with dual tailpipes.

2) Security. Manufacturers endeavored to ensure the safety of passengers and the Avalon driver. There are 16 airbags in the cabin of this car.

3) The interior. The interior of Avalon is made of high-quality materials. Elastic leather-trimmed steering wheel, gear lever knob, as well as solid leather seat upholstery, will please the most demanding passenger. Salon of this car is more spacious than one of Camry’s, both in width and in the space for the legs of the front and rear passengers. Toyota Avalon accommodates more luggage: 453 liters versus 428. The difference in volume is not critical, but sometimes it can be important if making transfers to the Boryspil airport, transfer to the railway station, or renting a car with a driver in Ukraine when passengers have a lot of things. And of course, it is worth noting the difference in overall dimensions; 4970mm long., against 4850mm and 1835mm wide., against 1825mm.

4) Dynamics. A powerful 3.5 vs 2.5-liter engine allows Avalon to move synchronously and dynamically in any road and weather conditions. An amazingly pleasant soft suspension, the main elements of which are the MacPherson shock absorbers, which allow passengers to smooth out road bumps. All this helps to enjoy the trip at any time of the year by ordering a car rental service with a driver.

Your Driver Company provides business class car rental services only on new cars with trusted drivers. You can always order from us a new Toyota Camry or Toyota Avalon at reasonable prices.