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Car rental for celebrities in Kyiv

Car rental for celebrities in Kyiv

From 21 to 24 of March, 2019, the famous Italian singer and composer, world-famous pop star Toto Cutugno came to Kiev. Thousands of fans of the great Salvatore attended his concert at the National Palace of Arts "Ukraine". Your Driver Company had the honor to provide transport services for the celebrity. A VIP transfer from Boryspil Airport was organized for Toto Cutugno, and then hourly rental car with a driver in Kyiv was provided. Our immaculate Mercedes Benz V-class of 2018, with a professional driver accompanied the guest everywhere almost 24 hours a day.. And the Company has earned the highest rating from a famous singer.

Famous personalities from all over the world often come to Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine: pop and rock stars, actors, artists, opera singers, sportsman and successful businessmen. Companies that organize the stay of guests in the capital, as well as in any city of Ukraine, think provide for everything, from the smallest security details, accommodation, food and transportation to leisure of the famous guest. The organizers are trying to consider everything in details, so that the demanding star is satisfied with the visit.

A special place in the organization of the stay of a celebrity is a transport service. It is well known that VIPs require impeccable quality services. Cars must be new, and the movement in Kyiv and its surroundings as comfortable and safe as possible. Drivers must be proven professionals in their field who speak good spoken English. Therefore, the organizers carefully select the best transport companies to service the star. You’ll agree, not every transportation company in Kiev can provide a truly VIP-service. Transport company must have new cars that are irreproachable inside and out, specially trained personnel and service delivery 24/7. VIP schedule changes frequently and we need to respond instantly to any request at any day and time. In short, you need to be a real expert on individual service, so that eminent guests remain satisfied under any circumstances.

Your Driver Company has many years of experience in providing quality services to both regular tourists and celebrities. We are chosen by the most demanding customers. We are recommended as a reliable transport partner in Kyiv and throughout Ukraine.