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English speaking driver and tour guide in Kyiv

English speaking driver and tour guide in Kyiv

The service of the driver and tour guide in one person is widely used in countries with a highly developed tourist sector. When foreign visitors come for example, to London, Paris or Prague they want to move around the city safely and comfortably and get many impressions from visits to interesting sights. Kyiv, as one of the largest and oldest cities in Europe, is also loved by tourists. Now it has become possible to hire a tour guide in Kiev.

Each guest of the capital of Ukraine, who visits Kyiv for the first time and wants to get acquainted with its history and culture, need a reliable car and a knowledgeable tour guide. Above all, the car is needed for free movement in the city and its surroundings. It is better to move around unfamiliar and often crowded streets of Kyiv with a professional driver who has the skills to drive safely in any weather and, at the same time, knows how to drive around annoying traffic jams in the city center. To avoid unnecessary stress and get real pleasure from walking around the city, you need to hire a private driver with a car.

In order to visit all the interesting and significant places in the city, one needs a guide - an informed person who loves Kyiv and knows its history. A professional tour guide in Kiev can tell you in a fascinating way about well-known facts and reveal many interesting pages of history from the lives of former and modern personages that cannot be found on the Internet.

To rent a car with a driver and hire an experienced guide in Kiev can be quite expensive. The cost of renting a medium or business class car can be from 10 to 25 dollars per hour. And the cost of the services of a professional guide (depending on the number of people in the group, the route, knowledge of a foreign language etc.) will cost from $15 to $25 for one hour of the tour. Not every tourist can afford $120 for a three-hour sightseeing tour in Kiev.

Your Driver Company offers to hire a professional driver with a car and a guide in one person. Our drivers speak English well, have many years of trouble-free driving experience and can take a fascinating tour of Kiev and its environs. For example, if the cost of renting a car is $14 per hour, then the cost of a driver-guide service in Kiev is only $16 per hour. Without doubt a fee of two dollars per hour for the services of an English-speaking guide is purely symbolic.

Now you do not have to choose: hire a private driver or hire a professional guide. With Your Driver Company you can safely and comfortably reach any place in Kyiv and get a fascinating tour at the same time.

Our driver and guide can meet you at Boryspil International Airport, take you to a hotel and tell you about the places which you will pass. And if you like it and you are ready to go on a tour, the driver will meet you in the lobby of the hotel and hold an interesting overview or thematic tour of the most interesting places in the ancient capital of Ukraine that you may be interested in.

Order cheap driver and guide in Kiev in Your Driver Company!