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Features of rent Mercedes Viano (Mercedes V class) with a driver

Features of rent Mercedes Viano (Mercedes V class) with a driver

For more than 125 years, Mercedes designers have perfected their cars. And they achieved great success. Today, Daimler AG is one of the leaders of the world car industry. One of the pearls of the Mercedes model row is the Viano or V class.

Mercedes Viano is a minivan that combines the refinement of a Mercedes passenger sedan, as well as the practicality of a commercial vehicle. It can carry passengers comfortably, and at the same time accommodate and carry large amount of luggage. This is an ideal car for all occasions: for business trips, transfers to the airport and tours.

Mercedes V class is also a safe car. It has all kinds of active and passive safety systems. Electronic brake force distribution system EBV, electronic stabilization system ESP with anti-lock system ABS, ASR traction control system and BAS emergency braking system as standard! All passenger seats in the rear of the Mercedes Viano minivan are equipped with integrated three-point seat belts and headrests with two-stage adjustment.

But be careful, despite the fact that most minibuses get to Ukraine from Europe very often you can face forgery. Some dishonest owners of Mercedes minivans remake cargo minivans in passenger minivans. After such upgrades, talking about safety of passengers is simply impossible. Usually seats in such minivans are not equipped with seat belts. But even if the safety belts are installed, the health and life of passengers nevertheless remain in danger. If an accident occurs, the seats that are not properly secured to the floor are usually torn from their attachment points along with the passengers.

Also, these changes have a negative impact on comfort of a car. In former Mercedes minivans there is no rear air conditioner and a back heater. In other words when the summer is very hot and the front air conditioner is turned on, the passengers of the front seats will be cold, and the passengers in the backseats will be hot. In winter, it will be warm in the front of the minivan, and cold in the backseat. So when you want to order Mercedes Viano with driver in Kiev, ask the driver whether his minivan was redesigned or not. Unfortunately, not all drivers will be able to answer about the origin of their minibus honestly, so we recommend using proven carriers. Be sure: Your Driver Company is extremely concerned about safety of passengers when providing transportation services.

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