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The nine ways to get from Boryspil airport to Kyiv

The nine ways to get from Boryspil airport to Kyiv

Boryspil airport is the largest international airport in Ukraine by it’s passenger traffic, the number of airlines, routes and flights. In 2017, Boryspil Airport serviced 10.6 million passengers, which is 22.1% more than in 2016.

In connection with the large number of people arriving at Boryspil airport, there is a problem of delivery of passengers with their luggage to Kyiv. Today there are many ways to get from the airport to Kiev and back from Kiev to Borispol airport. The distance between Boryspil Airport and Kiev city center is 37 km. There are at least nine ways to get to the airport and back - it depends on how much time and money a passenger is willing to spend. You can get there by public transport, order a taxi, book a transfer and even fly by helicopter. And all these methods we will describe below.

Method number 1: Order taxi inside the terminal.

When you leave the arriaval zone, you can see men with badges who obsessively offer taxi services. They approach passengers and say: "Taxi, a taxi to Kiev, a taxi to the station, not expensive taxi!". This is the so-called "dispatcher". The first row of them offer taxi services for $40-50, closer to the exit price may drop to $20. Usually the dispatchers don’t drive themselves and don’t even have cars. They stop free taxis, which have already landed their passengers, and offer them to their customers. Usually, these are not the best cars and most of them are in an unsatisfactory technical condition. There is a risk not to get to Kiev and to look for a new car along the way. The so-called "dispatchers" pay taxi drivers no more than $8 per trip from the airport to Kiev, and take the remaining amount.

Method number 2: Hire taxi "on the street"

The advantages of this option is that you don’t have to worry about pre-ordering a taxi. In case of delayed flight, you will not be asked to pay for waiting. However, if you catch a chauffeur on the spot, it will cost a bit more than a pre-ordered car. So, the cost of a taxi "from the curb" ranges from $17 to $35, depending on which area of ​​Kiev you need to get from the Boryspil airport. On average, the journey takes about an hour. The actual travel time can vary depending on the destination and traffic congestion in the city.

Method number 3: Order a taxi by phone

The usual way to get from airport Borispol to the Kiev city is to call one of the taxi services in Kyiv. But here it should be noted that there are very few dispatchers of taxi services who speak English. If you still try to use this method, unpleasant situations can arise. If the dispatcher is able to correctly understand the passenger and books a taxi, then the ordered taxi will arrive at one of three parking lots, which are located about 150 meters from the exit from the airport terminal Borispol. As you know, parking near the terminal is prohibited by the rules of the road. Thus, the passenger needs to maneuver with his luggage among parked cars.

This option is cheaper than the previous one. It should be noted that the cost may vary depending on the price policy of various taxi services.

Method number 4: Shuttle taxi

The shuttle taxi service appeared recently. The passenger orders a minibus, indicating the desired time of arrival at the airport Borispol. Then the minivan comes to pick him and along with other passengers takes him to the airport. If more orders appear on the way, then the minivan stops for a few minutes to the other passengers on board.

On average, it takes an hour or an hour and a half, it also depends on traffic jams. The cost of the trip depends on the number of passengers. The fewer people in the cabin, the more will be the cost for one passenger. If the passenger is alone, he will pay the full cost of the transfer - $23. If the salon is full, then $5.

Method number 5: By bus from the railway station

There is a special bus from the Southern Railway Station to Boryspil called SkyBus. Its advantage is its cost. The ticket costs about $3.

According to SkyBus employees, the road to the airport takes 50 minutes. However, if you take traffic jams into account, then the trip will last for at least an hour.

You can buy a ticket on the spot or book a seat on the bus in advance on the SkyBus website, by filling out a special form.

Bus schedule for Skybus:

Departure from the airport Boryspil (terminal B)

Departure from Kyiv (railway station Southern)

0:40 1:30 2:00 2:40 3:30

1:05 2:15 3:25 4:40 5:40

 4:25 5:00 5:25 5:50

 6:15 6:35 7:05 7:25

 6:10 6:30 6:50 7:10

 7:50 8:20 8:45 9:10

 7:25 7:40 7:55 8:10

 9:25 9:45 10:10 10:30

 8:25 8:40 8:55 9:10

 10:50 11:10 11:25 11:40

 9:25 9:40 9:55 10:10

 12:00 12:20 12:40 13:00

 10:25 10:40 10:55 11:10

 13:20 13:40 14:00 14:20

 11:25 11:40 11:55 12:10

 14:40 14:55 15:10 15:25

 12:25 12:40 12:55 13:10

 15:45 16:05 16:25 16:45

 13:25 13:40 13:55 14:10

 17:05 17:30 17:55 18:25

 14:25 14:40 14:55 15:10

 18:45 19:05 19:25 19:45

 15:25 15:40 15:55 16:10

 20:15 20:45 21:05 21:40

 16:25 16:40 16:55 17:10

 22:20 23:00 23:55

 17:30 17:50 18:15 18:35


 18:55 19:10 19:30 19:50


 20:10 20:40 21:00 21:40


 22:00 22:40 23:00 23:40


Method number 6: By route taxi – marshrutka

This is a very economical option. It will suit those passengers who go to the airport Borispol without much baggage. If you are lucky, the road can take about 2 hours. An important detail - you can only go only during the day - from 7 AM to 9 PM.

First you need to get on the metro to the station "Kharkivska", then take a shuttle bus 317 or 317 A, go to the stop "Leningradskaya Street" in the city of Boryspil. Go to the stop on the opposite side of the road, take the minibus 2, 3-B, 16, 17. 2 and 3-В busses drive with intervals of 15-20 minutes, the rest – once in an hour.

You can get to Boryspil in about 1 h 10 min, wait for the bus for 15 min, then get to the airport  in 25 min. On weekends buses from Boryspil city go to the airport less often.

Method number 7: By train

This method is even cheaper! Passenger needs to take train from the central railway station to Boryspil, and take a shuttle bus to 3V, 16 from there. A shuttle bus stops not at the station, but in 5 min walk on the left side of the street. The train departs from the Northern platform. To get there, you need to go through the shopping center "Polesie", passing the inscription "FIREWOOD". The platform is not the most attractive and clean place at the station: the northern platform is a favorite place for dwelling of the homeless.

If you successfully get on the train, you can get there in 1 hour 40 minutes. Of course, you do not have to talk about comfort. This method is ideal for fans of various kinds of quests.

Method number 8: By helicopter taxi

This is an exclusive option for very wealthy people who value their time, love comfort and do not consider money. One hour of flight by helicopter costs 600 dollars. The duration of the flight from Kyiv to the airport is 15 minutes. It is worth noting that the center of Kiev by helicopter cannot be reached: disembarkation is permitted in the area of the Hydropark and in Svyatoshinsky district of Kyiv.

Method number 9: Transfer service

The surest way is to entrust your trip to the airport to professionals. These are transportation companies that specialize in transfers to the airport or train stations. They have professional drivers, a large variety of vehicles in good technical condition. To order a transfer in Kiev is a guarantee of getting a high-quality service. Polite and tidy chauffeur will arrive on a clean car at the agreed time and specified location, help you load your luggage and deliver the customer to the airport on time.

Certainly, the transfer companies in Kiev differ in the level of service. First of all, you need to pay attention to:

  • drivers and dispatchers speak English. Otherwise, the customer can simply misunderstand and the machine will be sent to the wrong address and at other time;
  • the company have its own of cars. This ensures a good technical condition of vehicles, as well as condition of the car's interior;
  • the quality of the company's website. Analyze how the company cares about displaying information about themselves, what kind of services it provides, what highlights its activities. It is important to observe quality of photos of cars, check for the office address and a response time to customer requests.

Most companies offer a transfer service on average for $ 35. But the real cost of the transfer varies depending on the chosen vehicle. For example, you can order Mercedes S class W222 with driver for $120, and a small sedan for $19.

If you value your time and appreciate quality service at reasonable prices, then contact Your Driver Company. We have been working in the transportation services market for more than 16 years and we know how to satisfy even the most demanding customers. Order a transfer by e-mail or by phone +380-98-047-2399.