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Rent Mercedes-Benz Maybach with a driver. High-end Maybach taxi in Kyiv

Rent Mercedes-Benz Maybach with a driver. High-end Maybach taxi in Kyiv

Rent Mercedes-Benz Maybach with a driver in Kyiv

A car that is designed to satisfy the most sophisticated needs, the name of which has become synonymous with status, luxury, and perfection - this is the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class! Our company offers this car for rent. We are ready to make each of your trips as comfortable and unforgettable as possible because by renting a Maybach you can plunge into the world of modern and technological solutions, comfort, and tranquility.

As the flagship luxury sedan, the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class was designed primarily for driving with a driver. By renting a Maybach with a chauffeur from our company, you can fully concentrate on your business issues, devote time to your companions, or relax in the refined atmosphere of one of the best premium cars in the world. Regardless of the purpose of renting a Mercedes-Maybach, you will be able to fully appreciate all the knowledge and efforts that were put into the creation of this premium car!


Benefits of hiring Maybach S-class


The Maybach S-Class immediately stands out in the car stream thanks to its impressive size, large false radiator grille, an abundance of chrome trim, original rims, and a noticeable detail - a small window in the rear pillar. It makes the Maybach silhouette more recognizable and fills the interior with pleasant natural light. A small logo of the brand is also located there, as a small reminder of what car you get in. The stylish design and stately silhouette will ensure no one confuses the Mercedes-Maybach with other executive cars.

The Maybach salon is decorated with the best finishing materials: the softest leather of a special dressing, inserts made of wood and metal, plastics that is pleasant to the touch. The seats are equipped with individual electric adjustments, and their customization and transformation possibilities are much wider than that of other car seats. So, for example, seats have special adjustments for the support of knees and have a special footrest. All comfort functions in the cabin are individualized: each of the passengers in the second row has an infotainment display at their disposal and can adapt the climate in the car according to their preferences and control the built-in massage function depending on their mood, choosing a relaxing or invigorating one. The silence in the cabin is ensured by excellent sound insulation and special thickened glass.



Lead Author
Igor Redko
Updated: 27.05.2021