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Rent a new Mercedes-Benz S350 W222 AMG with a driver in Kiev

Rent a new Mercedes-Benz S350 W222 AMG with a driver in Kiev

Your Driver Company is pleased to announce the replenishment of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class line with the new exquisite Mercedes-Benz S350 W222 Long 4 Matic AMG, which was produced in September 2017. Now, fans of premium cars in Kyiv can order one of the best representatives of the S-class from the Dymler Benz AG concern, as well as its official tuning studio Mercedes-AMG GmbH.

This car has an impeccable black leather interior, panoramic roof, 4-zone climate control, sports steering wheel and pedals. To create maximum comfort for the driver and passengers, it is possible to adjust the seats individually, each seat can be ventilated or heated depending on the current climate. Also, the passengers of the rear row of seats can rest their feet on a special footrest, which, if necessary, is pulled out from under the seats of the front row. Not every luxury car in Kiev has the function of aromatization and ionization of the cabin, which is in this MB W222. Feel the flavor of the luxury!

Every detail of the body, engine, suspension and saloon of Mercedes S-class will help you to experience the unique taste of success and prosperity.

Our professional drivers on the S-class cars speak good English, so foreign customers do not need to hire an interpreter for unhindered communication on the road.

You can rent our Mercedes S-Class for transfer from/to the airport, for business meetings in Kyiv or its surroundings, and also to visit any place in Ukraine with maximum comfort and safety.

Your Driver Company offers a high-quality VIP-service on impeccable Mercedes-Benz cars. We have the largest park of Mercedes S-class W 222 in Kiev and Ukraine. We can cater for any event, whether it is a transportation service for a celebrity or a summit meeting for top managers of your company. Also we can guarantee the lowest prices in the market of renting a car with a driver such as the Mercedes S class in Kiev.

Order your best S-class with a driver in Your Driver Company!