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Rent original Mercedes Vito in Kiev

Rent original Mercedes Vito in Kiev

Many years the designers of the company Daimler AG have been improving Mercedes cars. Recent engineering solutions have shown impressive results. Today Mercedes is one of the leaders of the world car industry. Every product of the concern finds positive feedback from motorists. A vivid example of a popular car is the Vito model.

Mercedes Vito is a minivan that combines the refinement of a car and the practicality of a bus. It conveniently accommodates 8 people and you can load a large amount of things. Vito will be useful for business trips, trips to corporate events, for meeting friends in the airport, tourist trips.

With all the transport advantages of Mercedes Vito, it should be noted about developments in security area. The security system of Vito has effective active and passive components. Even in the basic configuration of Vito, active security system has the following:

  • EBV - electronic brake force distribution system;
  • ESP - electronic stabilization system;
  • ABS - anti-lock braking system;
  • ASR - anti-slip system;
  • BAS - emergency braking system.

Passive safety system is represented by headrests with two-stage adjustment and three-point seat belts for each passenger seat.

 Although the most of Vito cars come to us from European countries, it is not uncommon for car owners to reformat a cargo van into a passenger minibus, and then offer Mercedes Vito in Kiev and other regions for the same prices as the original minivans. Of course, after such upgrades, we cannot speak of any kind of security. As a rule, seat belts are not installed on such seats. If they are still installed, the safety of passengers is at risk. Because of non-quality fixing to the floor, seats can be torn off and move around the cabin together with passengers in case of an accident.

Also in the non-original passenger Vito there is no rear air conditioning and an auto heater. As a result, during the summer heat with the front air conditioner turned on, the passengers of the front of the van will feel cold, and the passengers in the rear of the cabin will feel all the benefits of the summer heat. In winter, the passengers will be warm from in the front, and cold in the back.

To avoid possible fraud from the owners of Vito, we advise you to contact with reliable transport companies that are concerned about the safety of their passengers and value their reputation.

For renting original Vito, please contact Your Driver Company!