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Business services

Business services in Kiev and Ukraine

Do you want to enter the Ukrainian market and don’t know where to start? Do you need a reliable partner for doing business in Ukraine? Don’t know all the subtleties of local legislation that regulates the scope of your business? Does your business need legal or tax support? Your Driver Company will help you in resolving these issues and is also ready to assist on any issues of business tourism in Kiev and throughout Ukraine.

Ukraine is a country of unrevealed unique opportunities for doing business. Representatives of international business will be interested in finding new markets and opening new production facilities.

You can find a skilled and hardworking staff at a fairly low level of wages in Ukraine. According to the State Statistics Service, the average salary in April 2018 in Ukraine is 324 dollars or 278 euros. In the city of Kyiv, this figure is slightly higher and is 502 dollars or 430 euros. For comparison, the average salary in China in 2017 was 850 dollars, and in the capital Beijing as much as 1500 dollars!

Also, for small and medium-sized businesses there is an opportunity to conduct business on a simplified taxation system. And now foreigners are allowed to open a private enterprise in just a few days. Proceeding from this, opening a business in Ukraine is very promising.

Your Driver Company is ready to assist in organizing your business in Ukraine in the following areas:

  • registration of an enterprise of any organizational and legal form;
  • staff recruitment;
  • oral and written translations;
  • organization of exhibitions;
  • organization of conferences;
  • marketing research of the market;
  • search for potential customers;
  • search for potential partners;
  • visa support throughout Ukraine;
  • hotel reservation in Kyiv and Ukraine;
  • transportation services in Ukraine and near abroad;
  • legal services.

Your Driver Company will help you to succeed in organizing and doing business in Ukraine. Order business services in Kiev and Ukraine and we will certainly help you!

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