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Interpreter services

Interpreter services

Interpreter service in Kiev

Your Driver Company provides professional translation services from English to Ukrainian/Russian, from Ukrainian/Russian to English. High qualification and experience of our translators and extensive vocabulary allow us to provide impeccable quality of translation services. Interpreters of Your Driver Company have rich experience in comprehension and translation of texts of a wide variety of subjects, including specialized ones.

The basic list of translation services of Your Driver Company includes:

  • Personal Interpreting;
  • Telephone Interpreting;
  • Video Remote Interpreting;
  • Document Translation.

After receiving an order for a translation in Kiev or throughout Ukraine, Your Driver Company's specialists study the issue in detail and make an appropriate offer to the customer.

The process of rendering services in oral and written translation has certain features.

Interpreter in Kiev

Interpreting is a priority area of the Your Driver Company. We are well aware of the importance and responsibility of this work. From the quality of an interpretation often depends effectiveness of the negotiations; the work of the interpreter directly affects the image and reputation of the company.

In the Your Driver Company, managing of an interpreting service includes five steps:

  1. Identification of key competencies required by the client’s project;
  2. Selection of an interpreter by his or her specialization;
  3. Assessment of the level of language proficiency;
  4. Immersion into the project;
  5. Evaluation of the quality of the work performed, based on the results of the project.

How to order an interpreting service?

Contact us by phone or e-mail, tell us all the details regarding the upcoming event. Our manager will inform you about our prices, the total cost, agree the method of payment, and prepare all the necessary documents. Pay for your order. We prepare translators for the forthcoming work. By the scheduled date, the interpreters go to the place of negotiations.

Your Driver Company has a vast experience in providing translation services of various scales. We carried out interpretations both for large companies and private individuals. We are ready to provide translation services for any events: business negotiations, exhibitions, meetings, tours, conferences, customer support at industrial enterprises.

Translation in Kiev

Translation is one of the most frequently requested services. Depending on the characteristics of the text, it can be referred to literary or specialized. Specialized translation refers to legal, technical, medical, economic or other documents with a narrow focus. Literary translation is the translation of social and political journalism: news reports, articles and other media materials, artwork, public speeches and reports, as well as scripts and letters. Naturally, each type of translation differs in its nuances.

For example, when translating highly specialized or technical documents that contain specific terminology, it is necessary to convey the content as accurately as possible, otherwise the meaning of the presented information can be seriously changed.

When translating literary work, it is necessary to observe the unique style of the author, his vision of the world and the mood of a text.

Thanks to the tremendous experience and excellent knowledge of its highly qualified specialists, translators of Your Driver Company can cope even with the most difficult tasks. For the execution of each order, the specialist is selected according to the area in which the translation is required, to ensure high quality of the result.

At the request of the customer, we can perform an oral and written translation of the document with the same formatting, as the original text, with full observance of original formatting, perseverance of tables, drawings etc.

Your Driver Company has modern computer equipment and office equipment at his disposal, which allows us to work with all kinds of audio and video materials.

Experience, honesty and professionalism of translators of Your Driver Company guarantee you an excellent quality of service.

You need to hire interpreter or translator in Kiev and are ready make an order of interpreter service?

Fill in the order form and submit us. Our manager will tell you the price, agree the method of payment and provide the details of payment. Pay for the order. We execute the order and send the finished translation by e-mail. Documents with notarization can be collected from our office.

We provide translation services in Kyiv, Kiev region and other cities of Ukraine. If necessary, our interpreters can go to other countries.

Order interpreter and translator services in Your Driver Company!


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