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Organization of business events

Organization of business events

Organization of business events in Kiev and Ukraine

No Ukrainian or foreign business can do without holding business events for its employees, for business partners, for existing or potential customers. In order to achieve success every business needs to build up competent communications with external and internal audiences through business meetings, conferences, seminars, presentations or press conferences. Any corporate event affects how your company will be perceived by consumers of your goods or services, business colleagues, partners and public authorities.

Your Driver Company has many years of experience in conducting various corporate events. With us you can conduct the following business events:

  • organization of conferences;
  • organization of business meetings;
  • organization of a forum;
  • organization of a press conference;
  • organization of the seminar;
  • presentation;
  • organization of corporate training.

The organization of a business event in Kiev has the following components:

  1. Creation of a concept of the event - before the beginning of any actions it is necessary to clearly formulate the tasks of the business event, determine the target audience and form a budget;
  2. Define a location - you need to choose the location of the business event and design of the hall, which would correspond to the concept;
  3. Analysis and selection of mass media that will advertise and cover your event;
  4. Participation of sponsors - interest of companies and various organizations to the event can significantly reduce the costs and attract more attention to it;
  5. The choice and invitation of the moderator and speakers - an experienced moderator and interesting speakers are one of the key moments in the success of the whole event;
  6. Development of logistics of the event - it is necessary to develop routes of movement and identify the necessary vehicles that will deliver participants from the airport or railway station to the venue of the event or to the hotel;
  7. Preparation and holding of a buffet table - almost every event is accompanied by a treat for participants. It is important to choose not only food and drinks, but also how the table will be served;
  8. Holding the event;
  9. Evaluation of the results of the activity and approval of the report - we always analyze all the components of the event and prepare a report on the work done.

With our company you can order the organization of a business event in Kiev for low prices, if you contact us in advance. Contact us, and we will help to make your event bright and productive!

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