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Home moving

Home moving

Home moving in Kiev

Home relocation or apartment relocation can be a troublesome procedure. Your Driver Company will take all cares on itself, because it is a company with high standards of quality. We will help you in any situation with tact and politeness!

Specialists of Your Driver Company carry out the home relocation at these stages:

  1. will arrive exactly at the agreed time;
  2. disassemble furniture;
  3. pack all items in a special container or film;
  4. carefully take out and put them on special transport;
  5. will remove the rest of the package;
  6. will professionally secure the cargo in the body of the car;
  7. will carefully transport and unload it;
  8. everything will be brought in and placed at your request;
  9. our movers will gather furniture;
  10. will take care of the remains of packaging.

Your Driver Company organizes everything so that the apartment removal in Kiev and Kiev region will be for you a pleasant event!

To order apartment moving cheap in Kiev you should simply contact our manager, tell him the estimated date of moving out of an apartment, as well as the approximate amount of household utensils. Tell about presence of oversized cargo, such as a safe, a piano. Our manager will ask you all the necessary questions, and will evaluate the price of the forthcoming move, and also draw up an approximate work plan. In addition, the amount of necessary transport for moving out of an apartment is calculated, as well as the optimum number of required loaders. If necessary, our manager will come to you and make an accurate assessment of the cost of the forthcoming move.

Our company guarantees safety of your things. Home relocation begins with preparation: our movers will place your belongings in special boxes, carefully disassemble and pack furniture; take them out and load into special transport. We carry out transportation of furniture by specialized furniture vans, which are equipped with devices for fixing goods, which prevents their damage during a transportation. The next stage is the unloading of things and their delivery to the apartment. Our employees will collect furniture and arrange it according to your wishes. Our loaders are specialists with extensive experience, polite and tidy. In our state there are only experienced specialists of high level of qualification who carry out loading and unloading of expensive equipment and furniture at the proper level.

During home moving we can provide you with special packing materials that will reliably protect your things and furniture from damage while transportation. You can get advice from our manager and order the necessary packaging.

Cost of apartment moving

When ordering the transportation of furniture, transport or services of movers from Your Driver Company, the price of apartment moving is calculated for every hour of transportation. The cost of moving out includes:

  • disassembly and packing of furniture;
  • delivery to the car;
  • loading and transportation;
  • unloading your belongings and assembling furniture.

Also, the cost of apartment moving may be affected by the absence or presence in your home of an elevator. If you do not want to pack your bags, we will help you. If you order in advance, we will pack your items in such material as stretch film, corrugated cardboard, tape, foam rubber, foam plastic, air-pimply film. Moving will be inexpensive only if you call us in advance and tell about all your needs.

Your Driver Company also provides additional services, such as cleaning an old apartment after moving, garbage collection, and connecting household appliances in a new location. After unpacking of furniture and personal belongings, our employees take out the packaging material that is not needed, which is left after unpacking.

Advantages of moving to another apartment with Your Driver Company

Many years of experience in conducting house moving provided us an opportunity to form a friendly team and to receive specialized knowledge and skills for the successful relocation of your apartment. The appeal to us gives you the following advantages:

  • an important distinction of our company is a diverse and extensive fleet of vehicles, allowing individual approach to each case. We will pick up the necessary trucks in the right quantity;
  • our cars are equipped with everything necessary for the competent placement and fastening of belongings in the cabin. You don’t have to worry about safety of your property: moving out with Your Driver is reliable and safe;
  • we provide a guarantee that your move will be pleasant all valuable and fragile things (office equipment or family treasure) will not be damaged during transportation;
  • we do not give up promises that cannot be fulfilled, because our specialists understand the full responsibility of the process. The move out of office or an apartment is completely controlled by them at each stage;
  • transportation of your property is carried out as quickly and carefully as possible;
  • any professionally accomplished moving is always a complex, cumulative process.  Necessary transport, professional movers, and packing materials we have everything to help you.

You can order all services and each one separately. Our prices are low, but the quality will satisfy even the highest demands.

Order home moving or apartment relocation in Kyiv and Kyiv region at the best prices!


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