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Mover service

Mover service

Mover services

Your Driver Company offers you quality service of movers. It is not easy to find reliable and accurate movers in Kiev or even in Ukraine. We cooperate with verified movers. All of our movers are professionals. All of them have great experience and know all the subtleties of their business.

Our movers perform work on loading/unloading various cargoes qualitatively and professionally, including fragile and oversized items.

They will carefully disassemble and pack furniture, interior items, documents, office equipment, and mark each part of the cabinet and each box.

We guarantee an individual approach to each customer. On the first call movers of Your Driver Company are ready to go anywhere in the city of Kyiv and perform any work, regardless of its the volume and complexity. If necessary, we can organize the transportation of your office even at night, in order not to violate the working schedule of your business. To carry out the night moving, you need to prepare carefully:

  • estimate the total volume of transportation;
  • calculate the required number of movers;
  • determine the required volume of a truck or of several trucks;
  • dismantle furniture;
  • pack small things;
  • inform the security about night moving, etc.

 All this is necessary to do on the eve of transportation of the office.

Rid yourself of worries about office or home moving - our skilled movers will help to facilitate your move as much as possible!

Your Driver Company has 16 years of experience in mover services and provides services to organizations and individuals. Our company will help you perform loading quickly and efficiently, as well as unloading operations and other warehouse operations. Our movers perform all diversity of warehouse operations - including sorting, packing and marking of the goods, transfer and placement on the appointed spot in the warehouse. Our team of movers employs experienced professionals. They do their job neatly and quickly. They do not care whether to move the piano or lift building materials to the 9th floor without an elevator. Our loaders are executive, disciplined and experienced. We guarantee timely and high-quality work of loading and unloading.

To order mover service in Kiev, just call or fill out the form on our website. Inform our manager, for what type of work (loading, unloading, moving or other) you need movers, the amount of work required and your location. A mover or a crew of movers will leave immediately and carry out the task. Our company performs loading, unloading or warehousing not only in the city of Kiev or the Kiev region, but also in Ukraine.

Our company is also interested in long-term and constant cooperation. For our regular customers we provide a flexible system of discounts.

We will do whatever task we face! Order your movers in Kyiv or Kyiv region now!

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