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Office relocation

Office relocation

Corporate relocation or office moving in Kiev

Corporate relocation or office moving in Kiev and Ukraine has its own particularities, which should be considered by everyone, who is going to transport his office.

 Corporate relocation consists of complex of works, aimed to move "workplaces" (tables, computers, cabinets, safes, office supplies, documents, etc.) from one location to another, without any damage.

 Your choice of a carrier defines whether your office will be moved successfully, efficiently and on time. Planning a relocation in advance will allow you to avoid waste of time, which is incredibly important with current business development and the pace of life, especially in such metropolis as Kiev.

 Internet is full of offers for providing office moving services in Kyiv now. Be attentive when choosing a carrier, as there are a large number of companies unable to perform this task at the proper level. Work in the office is a whole system of complex actions that ensures its stable work.  Slightest violations in this process lead to financial losses. Therefore, a relocation must be carried out precisely and smoothly. If necessary, Your Driver Company can transport your office at night, in order not to disrupt the working process of your business.

 If possible, pre-purchase the packaging material (cardboard boxes, stretch film, air bubble film, etc.) and pack or fold small items in cardboard boxes. Also, don’t forget to mark them relatively to the workplaces, this will significantly save time of moving. If there is no such possibility, then you can order packing materials from us and our loaders will arrive to your office in advance and will do all the preparatory work, including packing of documents, packing of small items, dismantling and packing of furniture.

Stages of office relocation:

  1. Arrival of movers to the address on the agreed day and time (with packing material, if necessary);
  2. Arrival of the vehicle, of the required volume, at the address at a predetermined time;
  3. Dismantling of furniture, packing necessary things;
  4. Packaging of computer equipment (system blocks, monitors);
  5. Loading necessary items in the car and, if necessary, securing large furniture with belts to the body;
  6. Direct transportation of office property to a new address;
  7. Unloading;
  8. Assembling furniture, unpacking and placing all the necessary items in the places indicated by you.

You have an opportunity to order a departure consultant to your office for free, to clarify all the details and approximate calculate the cost of the office moving. All the consultants of Your Driver Company have extensive experience in cargo transportation, so they will select a necessary truck, number of movers and estimate other important aspects of office transportation. Your Driver Company provides a high level of office relocation in Kyiv and Kyiv region to each client. We will do everything necessary to make you satisfied!

 Order convenient and inexpensive office relocation at Your Driver Company!


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