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Packing service

Packing service

Packing supplies in Kiev

One of the main components that are extremely necessary for organizing and conducting a qualitative relocation of an office, an apartment move or for successful implementation of transportation services as furniture transportation or household appliances transportation, are packaging supplies. It is very difficult to preserve the appearance of furniture, to ensure the safety of household or office equipment, to avoid scratches and breakages of individual interior items, ignoring the of packaging or not using quality packaging supplies.

Your Driver Company values ​​his reputation and is fully responsible for the integrity and safety of your belongings and furniture from the moment of ordering transport services from us, until the completion of the process of moving or transporting, therefore during servicing our specialists order of any complexity, only high-quality packaging materials will be used.

Our company offers you not only the services of professional packers or consultants, but also a wide range of modern packaging materials at affordable prices with delivery to the customer, which will save you additional problems.

Carton boxes

These boxes are made of three-layer or five-layer corrugated cardboard and are one of the most popular varieties of packaging. Widely used for moving, because they are particularly strong and spacious, convenient and practical for transportation and storage. Depending on the size, cardboard boxes are used to pack various documents, books, stationery, personal items, clothes, utensils and fragile items.

Stretch film

It is used practically at any crossing, for packing of upholstered furniture, sofas and armchairs, and also for packing of home appliances. Stretch film can also be used for packing polished planes and glass shelves, bedside tables and cabinets, paintings and utensils, to avoid contamination and damage to surfaces and individual interior items during transportation. Stretch film protects your furniture and things from moisture and dust, and also prevents the sliding and rubbing of objects as much as possible during transportation.

Air bubble film (Bubble)

Easy to use, reliable, practical and modern packaging material, which is successfully used for packaging furniture, glass products, household and office equipment, antiques and works of art, as well as plastic and brittle metal structures. Due to its versatility, air-bubble film is deservedly considered to be one of the best materials for packaging and is constantly applied when moving offices, flat or country crossings. Air bubble film is able to protect your furniture and household appliances from scratches, dents, friction and shocks during transportation.

Foamed polyethylene

This, a relatively new type of packaging material, which is the main competitor to corrugated cardboard and air-bubble films, but, unlike them, foamed polyethylene can be used both as wrapping and as cushioning material. Foamed polyethylene, due to its physical properties and small bubble structure, extinguishes multiple blows; its softness and elasticity allows to avoid scratches and damage of your property during transportation. In addition, foamed polyethylene is an excellent protection against dirt and dust.

Corrugated cardboard roll

Corrugated cardboard is a multi-layer packaging material, which consists of several corrugated layers of cardboard, which alternate with flat layers. The main difference between roll corrugated cardboard and sheet metal is its low coefficient of resistance to physical impact, so that the roll corrugated cardboard is more flexible and delicate, compared with its sheet counterpart. Roll corrugated cardboard is designed for packing furniture, as well as the most fragile items.

Corrugated cardboard sheet

This packaging material has a number of advantages over other materials, since it is more durable and elastic. Due to its physical properties, the corrugated cardboard perfectly protects any objects from mechanical damages. Use of sheet corrugated cardboard is recommended when packing large-sized home appliances, glass, paintings, mirrors and furniture. Also, you can successfully apply corrugated cardboard as a cushioning material.

Wrapping paper

Despite the large number of plastic materials, the packaging paper is still the most popular packaging material. Packing paper is constantly used as a gasket in boxes with office equipment and kitchen utensils, and is an indispensable packaging material for glass, porcelain and other fragile and delicate items. The Your Driver Company strongly recommends to use such an affordable type of packaging material as packing paper when moving the office or moving the apartment.


Packing tape, or tape, is used in combination with other packaging materials for packaging household and office equipment, furniture, paintings and antiques.  Tape is necessary for working with corrugated cardboard packaging, for fixing cabinet doors or chests for transportation; adhesive tape is indispensable when packing objects with air-bubble film.

Corner protective cardboard

Protective corners from cardboard are used for packing and transportation of furniture and household appliances, countertops and other planes and details having right angles. Protective corner is designed to protect the ends and corners of the transported objects from damage and deformation during loading or transportation. The sizes of a corner necessary for packing are selected individually, according to dimensions of a transported cargo.

Order packaging supplies in Kiev and make a relocation comfortable for you!


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