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Transportation of safes, ATMs, pianos

Transportation of safes, ATMs, pianos

Transportation of safes, ATMs, pianos in Kiev

To transport such heavy goods as a safe, ATM, piano, refrigeration equipment is a task for true professionals in cargo transportation. To move an ATM to a truck and load it can be sometimes a very demanding task and non-trivial engineering solutions are required, since the weight of the ATM can be from 450 kg to 1200 kg. It is necessary to correctly select necessary technical means, vehicles and qualified personnel. Miscalculations at any stage of transportation of an ATM or safe may result in significant financial losses. Your Driver Company has successfully transported thousands of tons of various cargoes in Kyiv and the Kyiv region since 2002.

The main areas of the transportation of heavy goods in Kiev are:

  • safe transportation;
  • transportation of an ATM;
  • transportation of a piano;
  • transportation of commercial equipment
  • transportation of vending machines;
  • transportation of solid fuel boiler;
  • transportation of refrigeration equipment;
  • transportation of industrial washing equipment;
  • transportation of machine tools.

Transportation of safes in Kiev and Kiev region

One of the main specializations in cargo transportation in Kyiv is the transportation secure and qualified movement of gun safes, fireproof safes, bank safes, deposit safes, burglar-proof safes, fire-resistant safes, exclusive safes. To successfully transport a safe, a certain set of special equipment and trained personnel in good physical form are required. It must be considered that the safe has a high weight (from 70 kg to 2 tons) and often it needs to be transported through narrow doorways or narrow staircases. Movers must be very skillful, so during a transportation the safe doesn’t scratch the floor, damage the doorways, break the railings of the staircase or disable the freight elevator.

Usually transportation of the safe consists of the following stages:

  1. Preliminary estimate of the cost and method of safe transportation. First, you need to find out the exact parameters of the safe, which must be indicated on the plate inside or behind the safe: weight, length, width, height. Next, you need to add the optimal route for moving the safe and assess the ability to pass through bottlenecks along the way. Sometimes you need to remove the doors and partially break down the walls to increase the width of the opening. When lifting the safe to the upper floors of the building, it is necessary to consider the presence of the elevator, its load capacity or, in extreme cases, the width of the ladder march. Determine what equipment will be needed when transporting.
  2. Dismantling the safe. Some safes are attached to walls and floors or built into walls. For correct extraction of the safe we ​​need to prepare a special tool.
  3. Moving the safe. With the correct implementation of the two previous steps, the safe must move to the truck without any complications. In addition to classic belts, jacks and hydraulic carts are commonly used.
  4. Loading in a truck. For the fastest loading of the safe you can use a car tail lift. The transported safe must be well fixed in a truck so that during transportation it doesn’t move in the vehicle.
  5. Unloading the safe and moving it to a predetermined place.
  6. Subsequent installation. We will install a safe in any place you want.

Thus, success in safe transportation depends on competent preparation, high qualification of our loaders and availability of special equipment and experience.

We also help get rid of an unnecessary safe.

The price of transportation of the safe depends on a lot of factors: first of all, on the weight of the safe, the number of professional movers that will be involved in the transportation, dimensions, complexity of the dismantling and subsequent installation, the equipment required to transport the safe, the range of transportation. With Your Driver Company you can always transportation of a safe in Kiev inexpensively and qualitatively.

Transportation of ATMs in Kiev

Transportation of ATMs in Kiev and the Kiev region takes a special place among Your Driver Company’s cargo transportation. This is due not only to the weight of the ATM (from 400 kg to 1.2 tons), but also to the features of its device.

ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) is a sophisticated electronic and technical device for conducting operations with cash. It consists of several parts:

  • safe deposit box, where cash cassettes and devices for issuing banknotes are;
  • a computer device with software for managing the operation of the ATM;
  • monitor with a keyboard and a communication node that provide communication between the client and the bank for conducting financial transactions on his card account in on-line mode.

An ATM is a combination of impressive dimensions, large weight and fragile electronic computing equipment. It requires careful handling during transportation. For successful transportation of an ATM, physically trained qualified personnel, special transportation equipment and a truck with a tail lift are required.

Transportation process of ATM consists of the following steps:

  1. Preparation and evaluation of the work plan. It is necessary to obtain the parameters of the ATM and to work out the optimal route for its movement in the premises.
  2. Dismantling the ATM from its location. ATMs are always well attached to the wall or to the floor and have a connection to the electrical network.
  3. Direct movement to the truck or to another place in one building of a bank or a shopping mall.
  4. Loading the ATM on the vehicle using a hydro-lift. It is important to securely fix the ATM in the truck bodywork to prevent its possible movement during transportation.
  5. Transportation to the destination.
  6. Unloading the ATM and mounting in the specified location.

At each stage, movers are required to act carefully and accurately. If, in case of illiterate transportation of the ATM, any mechanical damage is received, the ATM may fail in its operation and require further expensive repairs.

Our company offers banks not only to transport ATMs qualitatively and inexpensively, but also to transport any banking equipment, payment terminals or office equipment.

The price of transportation of an ATM depends on the weight of the ATM, the work connected to dismantlement and installation the ATM, the distance of transportation and the total time for the loaders.

To order the transportation of an ATM in Kiev inexpensively and qualitatively, contact Your Driver Company staff. We are entrusted with the transportation of the most valuable!

Transportation of pianos in Kiev

To correctly transport a piano or a grand piano, it is better to turn to the services of professionals. This will not only protect your favorite piano from damage, but also keep your back healthy.

For the successful transportation of musical instruments, like a piano, grand piano or a harp, you need to remember some rules. For example, the piano has thin and fragile legs, and the upper part is very heavy. Therefore, it is necessary to have certain skills to maintain the balance of the instrument throughout the entire process of displacement. Otherwise, expensive repairs are inevitable. Harp, and any musical instrument does not suffer blows, therefore it is necessary to transport them especially carefully.

Certainly, when carrying a grand piano or a piano, you cannot do without suitable equipment. You will need rigging straps for their transportation and transportation kits: special stands on enlarged rollers and special handles for moving them.

The price of transportation of a piano in Kiev depends on the availability of a freight elevator in the house, the number of floors for which you need to go upstairs / take downstairs the piano and the distance to which you need to move the musical instrument.

Your Driver Company will help you with transportation of piano in Kiev inexpensively, while retaining its aesthetic and musical properties.

Transportation of the trading equipment across Kiev

Transportation of equipment and various kinds of equipment requires special knowledge and skills. Large dimensions, heavy weight and often tight spaces, in which it is necessary to disassemble and take out machinery to a truck, require high qualification of movers.

Your Driver Company will help you quickly and efficiently transport the following sales equipment in Kyiv:

  • refrigeration equipment;
  • refrigerated display cases;
  • cash boxes;
  • vegetable racks;
  • trading racks;
  • trading furniture;
  • kitchen equipment.

For transportation of trading equipment correctly you need to conduct a preliminary analysis of the volume of work for loaders; determine what kind of rigging equipment is required for moving, loading/unloading machinery; what truck with a suitable bodywork volume and a tail lift of acceptable load capacity will be needed. If there is enough space, the equipment is disassembled into removable modules or parts and neatly packaged. The trading equipment, which is not disassembled, is moved by means of jacks and rigging trolleys.

We can offer a service "on a turn-key basis" for shop relocation in Kiev. In this case, we not only transport commercial equipment, but also help to move all the products of the store. Perishable products will be transported with a refrigerator.

We can also transfer medical and printing equipment.

To order transportation of equipment in Kiev for a good price, please contact the representative of our company in advance. We are always glad to help!

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