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Kyiv Pechersk Lavra

A tour to Kiev-Pechersk Lavra:  feel the historical shrine

One of the most popular Kiev city tour is a visit to the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. What is remarkable, this place is interesting for believers, as well as for all other tourists. It is connected with the historical significance of the complex.

A Brief History of the Shrine of Pechersk Lavra Kiev

According to legends, the first cave monastery on the site of the present architectural ensemble was founded in 1051 by the monk Anthony. In 1058, the wooden church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin was constructed. Over time, the influence of the monastery grew, and already in the XII century it received the title of "Lavra".

By the XVIII century, in spite of the raids of Polovtsians, Ordinians and Torks and the fire of 1721, Lavra became the largest ecclesiastical feudal lord of Ukraine. It retained its influence and expanded until 1917, when the Bolsheviks came to power. Monks were evicted from the territory of the monastery and it was turned into the All-Ukrainian Museum.

Only in 1988 a part of the land was transferred to the monks, and the ministry was resumed. In 1990, the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra was included in the UN cultural heritage list.

Tours in Kiev: Pechersk Lavra Kiev is a place you must see

The modern Lavra consists of two parts: the secular upper part and the lower one, which belongs to religious monks. Both of them are open to visitors.

On the territory of the architectural ensemble there are:

  • 2 underground complexes (nearby and distant caves, in which the relics of hundreds of saints are located);
  • Orthodox churches (Uspensky Cathedral, Troitskaya, Traditional and others);
  • the large Lavra belltower (374 steps to the observation deck);
  • A refectory with unique paintings;
  • stone fortress walls;
  • a number of museums (museum of printing, of folk decorative art, museum of theatrical, musical and cinema art of the country and of historical jewels of Ukraine).

Why order a tour to Kiev-Pechersk Lavra?

The huge total area of ​​the complex (24 hectares) makes it difficult to independently explore the sights. A permanent presence of a competent guide will guarantee that you will see everything planned.

Since the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra is one of the main Kiev tourist attractions, there are always hundreds of tourists there. An experienced guide will build the route so as to avoid crowds.

Moreover, our tour guides know much more than what is written in standard travel guides. Historical facts, legends, lore and tales of miracles - you will learn everything about Lavra with guides of Your Driver Company!

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