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Mezhyhirya residence museum

Mezhyhirya residence museum from Your Driver Company

Every inhabitant of the country, as well as many foreigners, know about one of the most notable Kiev tourist attraction - a museum of corruption in Mezhygorie. At the same time, it is not only a monument of human greed in all its manifestation, but also an excellent recreational zone only 20 km from the fuss of Kiev.

What to see in Mezhyhirya Residence?

A trip to the Mezhigorie (residence of former president Yanukovych) or Yanukovych house tour  from Kiev is like a journey into a fairy tale. Fantastic, luxurious structures perfectly complement the natural landscape..

Hallmarks of the residence:

1. "Honka" - a stunning mansion built by Finnish specialists. The club house looks like a royal palace: gilding, valuable trees, original paintings by famous artists, fashionable furniture.

2. Sports and fitness complex, equipped with world-class simulators.

3. Bath complex and artificial lakes, which are filled with water from artesian valleys.

4. Landing stage (“Debarkader”) about 50 meters long, with rich interior decoration and variety. Moored in the inner harbor.

5. Zoo with exotic animals (kangaroos, ostriches, peacocks, large jerboas, Australian geese and other animals).

6. A car park with rare cars and motorcycles.

7. Greenhouse with exotic and local plants.

8. Cynological center.

9. Golf course.

10. Exotic arboretum with beautiful statues.

Why to book a tour to Mezhygorie?

First, the area of ​​the estate is enormous - 140 hectares. To make the optimal route, not to miss a single interesting place, to see not only what is written in guidebooks for tourists - it is possible only with professional guide.

Secondly, in the "Honka" and the sports complex only tours for groups are allowed. Is it worth it to go to the museum of corruption and not see the main exhibit?

Thirdly, professional guides know not only about the sights of Yanukovych's times, but also about the most ancient monuments of history. On the territory of the residence until 1935, was the Mezhigorsky Monastery, which the Cossacks called "Zaporozhye Lavra”.

A private tour to Mezhygorie is a great chance to rest, at least for a day to forget about the fuss of the city. At the same time, it is an opportunity to open up the veil of secrecy that worries many: where did the money go from branching corrupt schemes which stretched across the country.

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