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Tour to Chernobyl

Tour to Chernobyl with Your Driver Company

The “Exclusion Zone” has not been a closed zone for a long time, but to this day this place is shrouded in secrets and myths. A guided tour to Chernobyl is a great opportunity to personally witness the consequences of the world-famous disaster, learn as much as possible about the causes of the accident and other historical facts. Feel the special atmosphere of a ghost town and find out what happens there.

Our company offers daily group or individual tours with experienced guides and drivers to Chernobyl from Kyiv. You will have a variety of remarkable tours and a lot of unforgettable emotions from visiting the most mysterious places in our country.

Stages of the tour

After the group is formed for a day of the tour, participants gather in the center of the capital near the Taras Shevchenko University of Kyiv. The path from Kyiv to the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant is approximately 150 kilometers. You will cover this distance on a comfortable minibus Mercedes Sprinter in just 1.5-2 hours. It is possible to order individual transport for a personal excursion.

The plan of a standard group tour includes several stages:

1. Gathering and introductory briefing (for your confidence in safety, we provide dosimeters for rent).

2. A way to the destination (time passes unusually fast. Tourists are invited to watch an entertaining film about Chernobyl in English to be entertained).

3. Passage of the checkpoint followed by a tour near the 4th power unit (the same one where the accident occurred, leading to tragic consequences).

4. A tour in the city of Pripyat (duration is approximately 2 hours. Tourists will be told and shown what happened to this city in 30 years).

5. Tasty lunch (the dining room is equipped in a new building, at the entrance to which radiation monitoring of all visitors is mandatory. Do not worry: the food is not radioactive and absolutely edible).

 6. A trip to Chernobyl 2. In Soviet times, a military city with a small number of inhabitants (about 1000 people) was located here. There was unique radar equipment that could track the launch of enemy intercontinental missiles.

7. Tour to the city of Chernobyl (the very same nuclear power station was named after it).

Inspection and familiarization with Chernobyl will be the final point of our tour.

Tour Duration

A full-day group tour to Chernobyl takes approximately 7 hours. If you want to order an individual tour, then it’s timing depends on your wishes. A personal tour can range from several hours to several days.

Order a tour to Chernobyl

Tours are conducted in Ukrainian, Russian, and English. By prior arrangement, a tour in another language is possible. You can find detailed information regarding tours to Chernobyl by phone: +38 (098) 047-23-99.

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