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Marti Mayberry
Sierra Vista
21 October 2017

I am delighted to recommend Igor Redko as a driver. I have used him on many occasions. I can rely on his promptness and reliability. His cars are always clean and in good repair. They have many safety features, such as safety belts and air bags. He is cautious and is always aware of the other drivers around him. He is pleasant, respectful and always ready to assist you in any way he can. He speaks English and is very knowledgeable of the city of Kyiv and surrounding cities.


21 October 2017

Hi! My name is Laurie. I am from Utah in the Western USA, so my friend and I have been visiting here for about 3 days and we’ve had wonderful service  from our driver Igor and from our lovely guide. We are so excited to see  Kiev for the first time and we’ve seen it with the best people we could. They are professional and we’ve loved the service. 

Call them!

17 October 2017

Hi! My name is Judie and my friend and I have spent 3 marvelous days here in Kyiv. Our visit has been made much more wonderful by the service we have had from They have made it so enjoyable for us. They have been flexible, wonderful, helped with the language. It has been marvelous. Again, this service was provided by

Savelyeva Olga
11 October 2017

I ordered transfers from and to the Borispol airport from Igor from the Your Driver company several times. From positive moments. I was surprised that they have new cars of 2017 release! This is rare for Ukraine and even for Kyiv. Most of the taxis are in poor technical condition. 

I do not smoke, so it is very important for me that there is no smell of tobacco in the car. It turned out that drivers drove me, don’t smoke!

In addition, I want to note that all drivers know Kiev well and know how to omit traffic jams. 

What I didn’t like very much. Prices are slightly higher than those of taxi services. For example, in a taxi it is possible to order a car from the center of Kiev to Boryspil airport for $ 17, and at Your Driver it costs $ 25. Guys, buy more cars and lower prices!


Brian Maxwell
4 October 2017

We just want you to know that we really appreciated your help while we were in Kiev. We enjoyed riding with you in your nice car and learning about your city and country as we drove.


Linda Andros 
3 October 2017

I have nothing but good to say about the service that Igor has provided us. Whenever we need a ride we can count on, we call him--and we are never disappointed! His cars are clean and well maintained. He does his best to make himself available when we need him. He is always cheerful and polite and on time. I don't worry about a no-show taxi for early morning trips when Igor is the driver. He even arrives a bit early! Igor is the best!


Blair L.
27 September 2017

I recently visited Kiev for the first time and Igor was my driver. The car he drives is in great condition and he is an excellent driver. Igor went above and beyond what my expectations were for a driver. He showed me the sites of Kiev and we went to a great restaurant and had a fantastic meal together. I can say without hesitation that the next time I travel to Kiev, I will hire Igor as my driver. I highly recommend him. 

Thank you Igor! 

T. Humpherys
20 September 2017

I have known Igor Redko for more than seven years and have utilized his transportation services numerous times.  His service has been impeccable! Ranging from transferring printed materials all over Kyiv to transporting VIPs throughout Ukraine, his performance has been flawless. He is dependable, thorough and has never deviated from commitments he has made.  When he meets us at the airport upon our arrival, we know we are in great hands. He is a cautious, safe driver with great situational awareness. The people he employs follow the same standards. We never worry when we make arrangements with Igor.   When someone plans to visit Ukraine, my recommendation for transportation services is through Igor.


Robert Kempton
18 September 2017

I regularly use the services of Igor Redko for transportation in and around Kyiv, Ukraine.  He is always prompt, reliable, courteous and friendly.  His car is clean and well maintained. 

He drives carefully and shows courtesy to other drivers and pedestrians.  It is a pleasure to have such professional and pleasant service.

Igor Mikhilovich
17 September 2017

I ordered a transfer from Boryspil Airport at Your Driver. In the airport terminal I was met by a nice man, who was about 45, with a sign with my name. It was my driver. His name was Andrew. Andrew asked me politely if he could help bringing my things to the car. I had two suitcases and I did not refuse. On the way to the hotel, we were talking. Andrew told mena couple of facts from the history of Kiev. It was interesting. Then I had to plan a number of meetings by phone. The driver stopped talking and did not distract me from work. Andrew drove the car quickly and safely. Thenfact that the driver uses the JPS navigator surprised me a bit. However, the driver explained that he wants to make a route to the hotel, taking into account traffic jams, and we got there faster than I used to with a taxi driver.


I'm glad that I found such a good transfer company. 

Thanks to Andrew and Danil from Your Driver company.



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