Украина, г. Киев, ул. Михаила Омеляновича-Павленка, 7, офис 7.
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Mrs. Erin
United Kingdom
Transfer Airoport Boryspil, Car Rental with an English speaking driver
21 августа 2020

I’m Erin, I’m a journalist and we ordered services from the Your Driver to and from the airport with all our equipment in the middle of the night, both ways. And they service with a smile, we’ve got to and fro on time. I can’t recommend services more highly.

Mr. Fuz
Car rental with a driver, airport transfer
21 августа 2020

Hey, guys! What’s up? My name is Fuz from Singapore. If you’re in Ukraine and you don’t know which traffic service to use I recommend using Your Driver, because our driver was so helpful, he helped us through everything. And he will make your journey and your trip a very enjoyable and easy one. So use Your Driver today.

Great Britain
Trabsfer from and to Boryspil airport
17 сентября 2019

Hello there.
Yes a very successful trip. The tranfers to and from the airport were absolutely spot on. Very punctual, clean car and a polite driver. Thank you. Yes we got the jumper too! I will leave 5* rating wherever I can. Thank you again.

Car rental with a driver
29 января 2019

I'd like to thank to your colleagues Igor and Andrey- both were very professional and nice to me.  I was feel comfortable, secured and relax using "Your Driver" in Kiev. So, I'll use you again when I planning visit in Ukraine and will recommend you, as great service provider in Kiev.


Car rental with a driver
5 октября 2018

We had a wonderful experience with your staff and will comment only in a very positive way as to their professionalism and cleanliness and mechanical condition of their automobiles. In addition, any of our family and friends ever traveling to Kiev will receive a great recommendation of you, your company and your drivers.

10 февраля 2018

I travel to Ukraine quite regularly. In Kyiv Igor takes good care of me with Your Driver. He is prompt, the cars are clean and the service is excellent. He makes sure we get to and from very safe and I highly recommend.

Тоня и Павел
15 января 2018

Меня зовут Тоня. Мы с мужем из города Киева. Заказали трансфер в аэропорт Борисполь. Всем довольна, в частности таким деликатным моментом -  видите белую трость. В нашей семье есть особые потребности. Мой муж потерял полностью зрение и для меня важно, чтобы люди помогали, но при этом помогали очень деликатно, то есть не навязчиво, чтобы мы чувствовали себя комфортно при этом. В компании «Ваш Водитель» все эти условия были соблюдены: нам помогли, мы чувствовали себя хорошо, все было удобно. Мы довольны.

Так же я хочу добавить. Меня зовут Павел. Нас очень порадовала пунктуальность. Машина была подана четко вовремя и мы добрались очень аккуратно и довольно быстро.

15 января 2018

Hello! My name is Ralph. I’m from the state of Nevada in the United States. My wife and I live here in Kyiv for the next two years and we have found it very helpful to call on Whenever we wanted to ride somewhere in the city we appreciated Igor, our driver, because he speaks English and he tells us what we see while we travel. If you use the subway you are underground and you see nothing of the city. But Igor knows a lot about Kyiv and other parts of Ukraine. I highly recommend him as chauffeur and a guide and interpreter if you need him. We appreciate making friendship and acquaintance with him.

7 января 2018

I’m Allan Gibbons and I do a lot of international travel. I’ve just found out about a company called Your Driver, that will help you make a transition in the international airport that can be confusing sometimes if you don’t know the language. We were flying out of Boryspil airport in Kyiv, Ukraine and we had a full service treatment. Your Driver took us from the curbside and helped us with our bags, helped us through all of the screenings, helped us through the ticket process. We had some unusual arrangements to make and it just worked our perfectly. We really appreciate the great service and the friendly service that we got.

3 января 2018

Hello! I’m Brand. We’ve been here in Ukraine for about a year on humanitarian services. We’ve used Igor and Andrey as your drivers both for airport pick up and transfer but also to drive around Kyiv and most of the towns in central and northern Ukraine. The service has been phenomenal. They are very knowledgeable of roads, the town, where to find things. Their English is excellent. Their vehicles are in excellent shape and extremely comfortable. I would highly recommend them for all your business. They have additional services they can offer. You need to contact them for that. Thank you very much and again I would highly recommend them.


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