Украина, г. Киев, ул. Михаила Омеляновича-Павленка, 7, офис 7.
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Embedded thumbnail for Lisa
20 декабря 2017

Hi! My name is Lisa. I’m from America. I came to Ukraine for a Fulbright award and I’ve been using Your Driver for transport from Boryspil airport as well as railway. I’ve found them on the Internet and they’ve been great. Very safe cars, very safe driving, I felt safe I would come on time, very personal when they picked me up, and we always know how much it costs, very reasonable price. I recommend if you come you Ukraine from wherever you have, this is a great service to help you go where you need to go. Thanks Your Driver!

Embedded thumbnail for Ralph
15 декабря 2017

Hi! My name is Ralph. I’ve been in Kyiv for two months now. I’ve used the services of three times and they are wonderful. They will take you where you want to go, they come on time, they have good vehicles and they speak English. They are very dependable. I highly recommend

Embedded thumbnail for Gerold
13 декабря 2017

Hello! My name is Gerald Roth. I’m from Salzburg, Austria. For the last year my wife and I live in Kyiv, Ukraine, and we often need to go to the airport, so we use Your Driver Company. And I can tell you that drivers are always punctual, the cars are clean and the drivers are friendly. So the service is great. Thank you very much!

Mrs. Roth
Embedded thumbnail for Mrs. Roth
13 декабря 2017

My name is Mrs. Roth. I’m from Austria. I’m now living for a year in Kiev and I love to use the Your Driver Company, because we often get visitors from our country and then I will call this Company to pick them up from the airport because Your Driver Company is really reliable. I like the clean cars and the friendly drivers. They speak English so I can talk to them. I’m happy to have them and I rely on their service.

Embedded thumbnail for Marilee
5 декабря 2017

My name is Marilee. I’m from Utah. We have used Yourdriver. for many of the services that we need here. We have wonderful drivers that we’ve enjoyed being with, both Igor and Andrey, they drive us from the airport to our home, to our businesses. They are friendly. The cars are clean. Things go very efficiently with them and we just enjoy being with them. Their English skills are excellent and they help us with whatever we need. I do recommend them as drivers.

Embedded thumbnail for Juan
15 ноября 2017

Hello! My name is Juan Turruellas. I am software executive based in Florida in the US. And I want to share with you the great experience we have had over last 3 years using services headed by Ihor. He has a great team of great English speaking drivers that are curtest prompt and always on time. If you are planning a trip to Ukraine, I strongly advise you to reach out to and let Igor and his team take good care of you while you are in Ukraine. They will promptly pick you up at the airport with great English skills. And transfer you safely to your hotel. Ask them about their other services like translating services, legal services, travel services within the city. Again Igor has never let us down. We will continue to use his services for years to come. I encourage you to do the same.

Drashell Schmidt
United Arab Emirates
3 ноября 2017

Hello Igor,

I just wanted to reach out to you and say thank you for the fantastic service you and Victor provided with your driving company for my trip in Kiev.

Working for a 5 star establishment I have high expectations for professionalism and I was impressed with quality of the service you both gave. You were always easy to contact, right on time with every pickup and you both seemed to have a great understanding of the city and its offerings. Thank you for helping contribute to a wonderful stay so that I could be free of any concerns with efficient transportation.

Drashell Schmidt I Director of Spa I JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Dubai 
Sheikh Zayed Road, Business Bay, PO Box 121000, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Paul and Linda Reed
Eastern Europe
29 октября 2017

My husband and I are Americans who only speak English.  We were so lucky to have been given Igor Redko’s name to use as a taxi driver.  He speaks English so well, and is an excellent driver.  Even in the busy rush hour traffic of Kiev, he always seems to know a quicker, easier way to get around the city.  He does not drive like a maniac like so many taxi drivers, but offers a smooth, calm ride in a very comfortable, smoke free car.

He is completely honest, and charges a very fair rate for all his services.  He has picked us up from the airport, driven us to multiple locations, with varying drop off and pick up times, and he always arrives a few minutes early.  His service is outstanding.  We highly recommend him.  He always ensures our time in Kiev in stress free and enjoyable.


Embedded thumbnail for Shauna
29 октября 2017

Hi! I am Shauna. I am from America. I've hired taxis in Washington DC and London England. I am very happy with the service we've had here in Ukraine. Probably because the car is immaculately clean. They arrive on time and they know where we want to go. It has been very easy to get to know them. They speak very good English, so we can communicate with them very easily. I would recommend them to anybody who is looking for a taxi. We are here in Kiev, Ukraine. Where it is beautiful here we've loved it here. It's't forget!

Embedded thumbnail for Tom
29 октября 2017

Hi! I am Tom. I am from the USA. I have been to Ukraine several times and we have been using the transportation services for a number of years. Actually back to 2010 I used these transportation services to move us and hall bunch of goods we had for an open house as we were working here. Igor was a great driver. He was always on time. We have used him in our trips since and now we are living in Kiev. And we use him regularly. He is always on time, his services are very dependable. Never had any problem. Even, if it requires going at 3 o'clock in the morning to the airport. He is always there to pick us up on time. Always delivers us safely. And it has been pleasure to drive with him. Plus he speaks English language and communicates and he can be a travel guide for us as we are working as well. This service is great.


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