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Cheap transfer

Order a reliable and cheap taxi in Your Driver Company.

The service is available from 6:00 to 18:00.

In the field of providing a transfer service to Boryspol Airport (KBP) and Zhulyany Kiev Airport (IEV), Your Driver Company has been operating since 2002. We have transported to the airport and back thousands of passengers. In times of lack of competition, the cost of a transfer to Boryspil airport on a mediocre car was 50 or more dollars. With the increase in the number of transport companies and private drivers in recent years, prices have dropped significantly. Nevertheless, the price of $31 per transfer for many passengers is still too high.

To meet the needs of our customers in cheap but high-quality transport services, Your Driver Company launches a pilot project Cheap transfer from or to Borispil airport. The transfer fee will be only $25. This cost will not apply to all cars and only to a transfer from or to the airport Borispol, no further than the city center of Kiev. If you need to get to more remote areas of the city, the price should be clarified by the English speaking dispatcher.

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There is a natural question: how do we get a transfer service at such low prices? All transfer services and even ordinary taxi services provide transfers is much higher prices. We will make the transfer fee lower by:

- buying inexpensive used cars. This means you do not have to expect a new business car to arrive. Most likely these cars will be a bit older than ten years. In any case, the cars will be in good technical condition.

- frequent car washing. In bad weather, we will not wash the car before every transfer, as we do before a regular transfer.

- free dress code for drivers. The drivers will not have a special dress code that complies with the VIP service standards. However, drivers will be neatly dressed in comfortable clothing for them.

In this section, you can look at the cars for which this service is aplicable.

Please be informed this service is available every day from 6 AM to 7 PM.

Book a transfer from the Boryspol Airport, KBP  and Zhulyany Kiev Airport, IEV at the best prices!

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