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Cheap car rental with drivers

Order a reliable and cheap taxi in Your Driver Company.

The service is available from 6:00 to 18:00.

If status is not relevant for you, then the service Cheap Car Rental with Driver is for you. Your Driver Company has over 15 years of experience in car hiring with a driver in Kiev, Ukraine. We noticed that it is not for all passengers to be ina business class car. Many care only about getting to the right place in a simple car with a good driver.

Your Driver Company announces about the launch of the pilot project. Cheap car rental with a driver in Kyiv and in Ukraine. Now the rental price will be only $10 per hour! The minimum booking time for this service is 4 hours. For this money you can travel 60 kilometers (28 miles) within the city of Kiev. Usually this distance is quite enough to solve your questions, but if you pass more, the surcharge will be only $ 0.39 for each subsequent kilometer (0.63 miles). Considering the cost in Ukraine of one liter of gasoline at $ 1.21 and diesel fuel at $ 1.11 (the cost of gasoline per gallon is $ 4.54 and diesel fuel per gallon $ 4.16), our prices for renting a car with a driver are low in Ukraine.

If you value your time and money, do not hesitate to contact us!

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