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Driver services

Personal driver service in Kiev

Do you have a car, but don’t have a desire or ability to drive it? Do you need to meet a business partner at the airport? Or maybe take the child to school? Perhaps you are not sure about your driving skills in the busy streets of Kyiv. Aren’t sure if you can get an Alco test if you are stopped by the police? Then Your Driver Company will provide you with personal driver service.

You can hire a driver in Kiev and Kyiv region.

Private driver from the Your Driver Company - is first of all a professional driver who knows the traffic rules and doesn’t violate them. You need to remember that your safety and safety of your car depending on the driver’s obedience to these rules.
Drivers of our company know the streets of Kyiv and Kyiv region in excellence. This allows them to navigate well while driving and to select the most convenient route.
This service is in-demand in such circumstances:

  • A personal driver is on holiday or has a day off;
  • You need to drive a car after drinking alcoholic beverages;
  • You don’t know Kyiv city;
  • You do a business trip or on holiday and you need to transfer a car from a bus terminal or an airport;
  • It is impossible to drive due to feeling unwell;
  • Your car needs a maintenance checkup and there is no time for it;
  • Make heavy purchases, and bring them home.

What do I need to know when ordering a driver service in Kyiv?

In order to use this service, you must have all necessary documents for the vehicle: a vehicle registration certificate, car insurance, and your identity card.
If the vehicle is the property of a legal entity, it is necessary to compile a travel list for the chauffeur of Your Driver.
Car driver has the necessary documents to drive the vehicle.

Price of a personal driver service:

To hire a driver in Kyiv costs from $10 per hour (the cost depends on the car and qualifications of the driver). Your Driver Company provides a service with a minimum order of $30.

Contact Your Driver Company, by phone +38 098 047 23 99 and go on a trip with a reliable professional driver in your car!

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