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Bus rental

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Bus rental

To transport a group of people for different distances usually requires buses or coaches. This need arises both for companies and individuals. Your Driver Company will easily find a solution to any task related to this or any other type of passenger transportation in Kiev or in Ukraine. Thanks to our bus rental service, you can plan and realize any trip. We suggest considering situations in which hiring a bus with a driver in Kiev, Kiev region and even throughout Ukraine, will be the best solution for you.

Tourist bus trips in Kiev and all over Ukraine

Renting buses are excellent for organization of tours. Of course, in order not to spoil a sightseeing tour, it is necessary to rent a coach in a good technical condition with well-groomed salon. In this case, the driver must be professional and polite.

Your Driver Company cooperates only with experienced and proven drivers, but also offers buses such as Mercedes, Neoplan, Iveco and others. Passengers will feel comfortable and safe in them. When renting a bus from a trusted transport company, such as Your Driver, you will get a pleasure from the trip in all around Ukraine. When ordering a bus tour, you can also order a professional guide who will quickly and enthrallingly conduct a sightseeing tour by bus in Kiev.

Organization of transfer

If you need to organize transportation of a group of passengers, or delegations from the airport or train station, you can also rent a comfortable bus in Kyiv. For the transfer from the airport Borispol (or Zhulyany) to the center of Kiev or other places we may offer coaches from 6 to 74 passenger seats.


The trend of opening companies and organizations in the remote part of the city, or in the suburbs, is becoming increasingly popular. For business owners, this is beneficial for many reasons. However, comfort and safety of personnel should be a priority. In this case, renting a minibus or bus will help solve the problem of delivering employees to workplaces. Your Driver Company will be able to provide for a transportation of a small and large group of people by bus.

Rent a bus for a wedding

The wedding is one of the most significant events in the life of any person. And each of us would like to make this day memorable and enjoyable for all guests. Rent bus for wedding are the best way to transport people around Kiev and its environs so that it is convenient and pleasant for them to spend their time.

The cost of renting a bus in Kiev

We provide services for renting a coach with a driver in Kyiv on the following bus categories:

Bus category

Transfer from airport Boryspil, $

Hourly rental, $ per hour

Minimum order time

Intercity, $ per km

Minibus for 12-17 seats

from 70 to 75

from 21 to 25

2  hours

from 0,46 to 0,58

Bus for 28-37 seats

from 129 to 135

from 25 to 26

3  hours

from 0,90 to 0,95

Bus for 41-60 seats

from 96 to 160

from 22 to 35

3  hours

from 1,10 to 1,30

Bus for 71-74 seats



3  hours


Order the best buses in Your Driver Company! We guarantee comfort, safety and high quality of transport services!

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