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Rent a car with a driver

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Rent a car with a driver in Kiev and Ukraine

There are many reasons for renting a car with a driver. Do you plan a business trip for yourself or your business partner, who needs to travel around Kyiv and other Ukrainian cities? Do you want to get acquainted with the life of Ukrainian cities, move about safely and with maximum comfort? Do you need to arrive safely to the airport or train station? The best solution for each of these situations will be to rent a car with a professional driver in Your Driver Company for traveling around Kiev, Kiev region and throughout Ukraine.

Car rental with a driver is the most popular service among our customers and can include the following services:

- transfer from the airport or railway station;

- transfer from Kiev to another city (Lviv, Odessa, Dnipro, Kharkov, Zaporozhye and other cities of Ukraine);

- hourly car rental with a driver in Kiev and other cities;

- rent a car with a driver round-the-clock;

- wedding car rental with a driver.

We provide services for rental car with a driver of various classes: from executive cars to budget cars of economy class. For example, we can rent Mercedes S class with a driver for a business trip around Kiev and its surroundings, or rent minivan with driver for transporting staff to workplace in the Kiev region, and you can order popular car as Skoda Octavia for a trip to Odessa or Lviv for the weekend. Companies and organizations that cherish their image will be interested in renting a business-class car with such cars as Mercedes E-class, Toyota Camry and other cars.

The cost of renting a car with a driver

Contrary to the popular opinion that the cost of renting a car with a driver is too high, we offer professional and high-quality service at a low price. For example, the cost of renting a car with a driver in Kiev of Standard class costs $10 per hour, and the price of a transfer from the airport Borispol will cost only 26 dollars. This price includes fuel costs, parking fees and other costs associated with the operation of the car. The rental price of cars depends on the class of cars, the route of travel and the time of rent. We offer cars within the city of Kiev for hourly rental, and outside of Kiev (the cost of which is calculated relative to the distance traveled.)

Class of car

Hourly rental, $ per hour

Minimum order time

Intercity, $ per km

Mercedes S class

from 25 to 45

2  hours

from 0,65 to 1,00


from 15 to 25

2  hours

from 0,35 to 0,62



2  hours



from 15 to 25

2  hours

from 0,45 to 0,80


from 8 to 9,5

2  hours

from 0,30 to 0,33



4 hours



We are pleased to offer you cheap car rental with driver and at the same time to get a decent level of service.

Rent a car for the whole day in Kyiv and Kyiv region

If you have to negotiate with business partners or have a lot of meetings with customers in different parts of Kiev and its environs, and there is neither the time nor opportunity to devote it to transportation, the optimal solution will be to hire a car with a driver for a day. Our experienced drivers will help you to make a correct route considering traffic jams, and you will certainly have time to solve many of your business problems.

Rent a car with a driver for a long time

In case you need to travel around Kiev or throughout Ukraine for quite a long time, and you are not good at roads and do not want to risk your own car on problematic roads, we recommend you to rent car with driver for a long time. In this case, you do not need to worry about pits on country roads or the quality of fuel at gas station you do not know. Our qualified drivers know perfectly the main highways of the country or local roads and will make your long trips safe and comfortable.

English speaking driver in Kiev

It is generally known that English is an international business language. Most of foreign customers speak English. To correctly understand orders of a foreign customer and to fulfill them in a time, driver must speak English language. If you pre-order an English-speaking driver in Kiev, you will receive a chauffeur with perfect English.

Our dispatchers provide a quality English-speaking service, which allows us to understand each of our customers. Your Driver Company takes a leading position among companies that provide such services as a taxi with English-speaking driver. If you can order an English-speaking taxi in Kiev, then in other small towns it is very problematic. An English-speaking taxi driver for Ukraine is a rarity.

In Your Driver Company such service as rent of a car with a driver with the knowledge of English is available for premium cars, business cars and standard cars.

Rent car with chauffeur has several advantages:

- Traveling with a professional driver who is well-versed in Kiev and other cities of Ukraine. You do not need to worry about traffic jams - you'll never be late!

- Lack of administrative and criminal liability due to violation of traffic rules during a trip. It is the sole responsibility of the chauffeur.

- A driver will execute with any of your instructions related to movement.

- To emphasize your prestige and high status. Respectable people prefer to travel with a personal driver.

If you value your time and need qualified service, please contact us!

Calculating the cost of renting a car with a driver from Kiev to the major cities of Ukraine *

From To Km (miles) Duration (hours) Price USD
Kyiv Berdychev 184 (115) 2,5 55,2
Kyiv Bila Tserkva 99 (62) 1,5 29,7
Kyiv Brovary 25 (16) 0,5 7,5
Kyiv Bucha 30 (19) 1,5 9
Kyiv Cherkasy 192 (120) 2,5 57,6
Kyiv Chernihiv 148 (93) 2 44,5
Kyiv Chernivtsi 527 (329) 7,5 158,1
Kyiv Dnipro (Dnipropetrovsk) 500 (313) 6,5 150
Kyiv Fastiv 87 (54) 1,5 26,1
Kyiv Havrylivka 50 (31) 1 15
Kyiv Irpin 28 (18) 1 8,5
Kyiv Ivano-Frankivsk 623 (389) 7,5 187
Kyiv Kamianske (Dneprodzerzhynsk) 415 (259) 5,5 124,5
Kyiv Kaniv 137 (86) 2 41,1
Kyiv Kharkiv 480 (300) 5,5 144
Kyiv Kherson 580 (363) 8 174
Kyiv Khmelnytskyi 324 (203) 4,5 97,2
Kyiv Konotop 252 (158) 3 75,6
Kyiv Korosten 132 (83) 1,5 39,6
Kyiv Kremenchuk 292 (183) 4 87,6
Kyiv Kropyvnytskyi (Kyrovograd) 319 (199) 4,5 95,7
Kyiv Kryvyi Rih 422 (264) 6 126,6
Kyiv Lubny 200 (125) 2 60
Kyiv Lutsk 421 (263) 5 126,3
Kyiv Lviv 543 (339) 6,5 162,9
Kyiv Mykolaiv 485 (303) 6 145,5
Kyiv Myrhorod 252 (158) 3 75,6
Kyiv Myronivka 108 (68) 1,5 32,4
Kyiv Nemyriv 263 (164) 4 78,9
Kyiv Nizhyn 184 (115) 2 55,2
Kyiv Novohrad-Volyns'kyi 266 (166) 3 79,8
Kyiv Obukhiv 71 (44) 1 21,3
Kyiv Odesa 509 (318) 5,5 152,7
Kyiv Okhtyrka 325 (203) 4,5 97,5
Kyiv Poltava 319 (199) 3,5 95,7
Kyiv Pryluky 146 (91) 2 43,8
Kyiv Rivne 371 (232) 4 111,3
Kyiv Romny 224 (140) 3 67,2
Kyiv Shepetivka 338 (211) 4 101,4
Kyiv Shostka 345 (216) 4,5 103,5
Kyiv Smila 199 (124) 3 59,7
Kyiv Sumy 345 (216) 4,5 103,5
Kyiv Ternopil 533 (333) 6,5 159,9
Kyiv Uman 244 (153) 3 73,2
Kyiv Uzhhorod 850 (531) 10,5 255
Kyiv Vinnytsia 319 (194) 4 93
Kyiv Yahotyn 87 (54) 1,5 26,1
Kyiv Zaporizhzhia 550 (344) 7 165
Kyiv Zhytomyr 180 (113) 2,5 54

* The prices are indicated by the service of cheap long distance taxi

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