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Rent a car with a driver

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SUV rental with a driver. Hire 4x4s & Off-Road in Kyiv and Kyiv region

In recent years, off-road cars 4x4, SUVs, and crossovers have become perhaps the most popular cars and there are many reasons for that. They are powerful, impressive, offering a high level of comfort, often even luxurious, combining these qualities with excellent ride and cross-country capability. In addition, top-notch, and prestigious models such as Mercedes-Benz GLS, Mercedes-Benz G-class, Mercedes-Benz GL, Range Rover, Toyota Land Cruiser can emphasize the special status of their owner.

However, it is not necessary to purchase such a car, because you can easily and quickly rent an SUV (sport utility vehicle) with a driver. You can order a 4х4 vehicle for rent for any important event, as well as for any required period. Most often, an SUV with a driver is rented for a wedding, to meet important guests, or to travel around Kyiv and Ukraine. After all, our company provides an off-road vehicle rental service for any required period, whether it be one day or a month. We work seven days a week and the rental cars are in the finest condition. Our drivers are professionals in their field and possess not only excellent driving skills and knowledge of the city but also knowledge of English for the convenience of communication with foreign customers.

Advantages of renting an executive SUV with a driver

We want our clients to fully enjoy the premium class and comfort of rented SUVs, and for this, we offer rental of both SUVs and crossovers with a driver. This will not only free you from the hassle of city congestion, finding a parking space, and unnecessary worries in terrible traffic during rush hours, but also allows you to relax on the road, prepare for an important meeting or talk about important matters with your business partners. The rear row of seats in such SUVs is in no way inferior, and sometimes even surpasses the front seats. And most importantly, cars of this class allow you to ignore even very bad roads. It is worth noting that in adverse weather conditions, for example, heavy snowfalls, the ability to safely get to the place you need remains only in an SUV. And this is another point to the feeling of exclusivity of your trip.

Depending on your preferences, in the Your Driver company, you can rent a variety of SUVs - from the iconic Mercedes-Benz G-Class and the aristocratic Range Rover to the sporty Porsche Cayenne. Of course, we also offer such popular SUVs as Toyota Land Cruiser Prado and Toyota Sequoia for rent. Therefore, choosing a car for rent in our company, you will be able to satisfy a wide variety of requests, be it the selection of an “SUV of your dream”, or a certain model that should meet your request.

Rent an SUV for a wedding

If you rent an SUV for a wedding, then we are ready to offer you a variety of options! After all, choosing a 4x4 car for a wedding is an important part of the entire process of preparing for such a significant event. And an SUV or even a whole motorcade that you choose will help make it even more fascinating, magnificent, and unforgettable for you and your guests.

The off-road car you rent for your wedding will not only be a vehicle, but it will also start a new chapter in your life. After all, young people will use it to come to the registry office, to an exit ceremony, and to a wedding party. And certainly, everyone wants it to be luxurious and unique. Therefore, a respectable, comfortable, and premium SUV will be one of the best options for a wedding celebration!

SUV rental cost

The cost of renting an SUV will depend not only on the model you choose but also on the distance of the trip outside the city and/or the duration of the car rental within the city. You can rent an SUV with a chauffeur for a whole day/week/month, or even for several hours. When calculating the rental price of SUVs and crossovers for a long time, we offer corporate clients and private persons special conditions. With our off-road cars and professional drivers, any routes will be comfortable and safe even in adverse weather conditions.

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